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What is a Reach and Wash Pole System?

Water feeder poles started out to reach higher level windows in the London area so there was no need for climbing up ladders and risking a nasty accident in doing so.  The poles make use of specially filtered water that also eliminates the need for a detergent to be added, which in turn means there is no need to climb up and rub off a window to get that high shine finish.

How do you clean without soaps and detergents? 

We use ultra pure water produced by removing all the impurities from tap water in a four-stage deionising filtration system. Pure water has a slightly acidic PH which readily absorbs the environmental dust and dirt which accumulate on your windows and frames.

We also used specialised poles and cleaning brushes designed for safe, ladder free working, and effective cleaning. Chemical free cleaning also means it is completely safe for plants and pets and the ladder free operation offers increased privacy and there is no compaction damage to lawns or flower beds.

What payment methods do you accept?

• Cash
• Card Payments (In person or over the Phone)
• Direct Debit (GoCardless)

Does the Reach and Wash Pole System save the customer money?

When working at levels above the ground and first floor, the price of the job will also include an element of the risk taken to do the job.  In other words, the higher they have to go, the more it is going to cost you.  But by using a water feeder pole, the window cleaner doesn’t need to climb ladders and risk an accident to do the job so this can reduce the cost of the job.  It also reduces the cost of doing the job because it is quicker than the old fashioned bucket and ladder method – there’s no ladder climbing to start with!

What areas do you cover? 

• Malvern
• Upton-Upon-Severn
• Worcestershire
• Herefordshire

How does the direct debit work?

If you want to have your windows cleaned every 6 weeks without having to worry about a thing, just simply set up a Direct Debit via our website and get a notification every time you are billed for work completed. 

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